"The Sower"

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16
Nov - Dec 2013   The harvest continues to grow in Central America.  On October 9th, approximately 45,000 people gathered at a stadium in Choluteca, Honduras to hear Pastor Luis Martinez preach the Good News.  Thousands responded to the call and gave their lives to Christ!  After seeing the effectiveness of his preaching, several local T.V. producers later got together to organize an 8-day campaign for Luis.   (These men were obviously believers who were "on fire" for Christ) The campaign was held at four different stadiums/fields in Danli and Tegucigalpa.  
  In December, Luis moved onto the barrios of San Pedro Sula, which is infamous for gang activity and violent crime.  He came across a soccer field that was abandoned for 2 years and filled with garbage.  Apparently, 2 years prior there was mass drive-by shooting at the field and no one has dared to play there ever since.   So he and his entourage of former gang boys (they've been committed to serving with Luis ever since they were saved) cleaned the garbage off the field and held a campaign there for 4 nights.  In another barrio, Luis preached for several nights with a very good response from the locals.  He then worked with the police department and the local gangs to re-open a police station that had been shut down.  The station had previously been overrun by gangs and vandalized.  Thank you, Lord, for bringing hope and salvation for the lost!

​​July - Oct 2013   In the last few months, the Lord is obviously using TV and radio to speak the Good News to Hondurans.  Pastor Luis has regularly (several times a week) been asked to show up to a TV or radio station to speak.   The style of each program differs, but often times people will call in to the station and ask questions about God's perspective on current events.  Of course, when the evangelist is given such a prominent platform to speak he will inevitably preach the Gospel and offer an alter call.  The stations report thousands of responses sometimes from viewers/listeners.
   Luis continued preaching in Guatemala and tells us that some of the people recently saved include hundreds of gang members from the Mexican "Zetas" gang.  Also included are approximately 300 members of the military, and 100 members of the police force.
   ​Since September, Pastor Luis has been focusing his efforts in Nicaragua, preaching in venues such as soccer fields.  Literally thousands of people show up.  A former gang leader of the dreaded Zetas (who gave his life to Christ at one of Luis's campaigns) is said to be following Luis and inviting many of his former contacts.  The same is true for a lady named Chandra who was formerly a high-level witch.  She brings as many people as she can to these events because she knows the freedom and joy that our Lord provides.    Luis also reports that on Sep 30th there were approximately 1500 Chinese nationals and some Saudis that came to hear the salvation message!
   ​As we've mentioned before, some of these converted young gang members travel with Pastor Luis and help with organizing and running the campaigns.   But sometimes their dark past catches up to them.  On August 7th, one of the young men, Fernando, was shot and killed by gang members in the town.    Also, in October there were four other young men that were shot in a gang-related shooting.  Miraculously, they survived and are expected to recover.   And, what's more, Luis was robbed at gunpoint in September as he came out of a Christian bookstore.  He then went immediately to the police to report the incident.   According to the local police, the robbers apparently had an infamous record of robbing and killing their victims.  In fact, they told Luis that he was the first person they know of who wasn't killed in the process.
​   Thank you Lord God for bringing the Good News to so many people in Central America.  Please continue to protect your many servants there and continue to open the hearts of the people!

​May/June 2013   Evangelist Luis Martinez has focused his efforts in Guatemala these past two months, visiting places such as Solola and the Peten region.   After an evening of preaching, he is now having asthmatic symptoms in his lungs and numbness in his legs, along with the usual kidney stone attacks.  But the salvations have also been enormous.   At one evening's campaign, 21 hit men gave their lives to Christ.  These men spoke with Luis afterward and told him how they would travel to many different countries to kill their targets.   During another event, while Luis was preaching, he spotted a man in the audience who caught his attention.  Luis began to speak directly to the man and lead him to Christ while everybody looked on.  Finally, the man gave up a concealed automatic weapon and placed it on the platform.   With this prompting, several other gang members came up to do the same.  In fact, there have been several campaigns where gang members have relinquished their weapons to Luis.   The local police have been called in to take the weapons away.
  In the Peten region of Guatemala (what Luis describes as the "pit of Satan"​), many witches have been saved.  These witches practice a form of ancient Mayan ancestral rites that involve cat and dog sacrifices.  Other salvations have included: Masons, Mormons, gang members, sex traffickers, wizards, shamans, prostitutes, drug mules and wet-backs.  Local Christian pastors have renewed their commitment to Jesus Christ, as well.
  In Honduras, Luis has many opportunities to speak on the radio and occasionally​ on TV.  On one radio program, the host invited a panel of four people which included a Jehovah's Witness, a Mormon, a Roman Catholic and Pastor Luis.  It seemed that the other three weren't as motivated as Luis, because he did most of the talking!  In fact, he even gave an alter call.  The radio station later told him that 2,000 people had called in to confirm their new commitment to Christ!

March/April 2013   For the better part of March, our evangelist, Pastor Luis, continued to preach in small towns in Nicaragua.  His kidney stone attacks continued and are undoubtably the work of the enemy.  After moving his preaching schedule back to his home country of Honduras, his kidneys were better.  For the week leading up to Easter he preached at the beach near Cedeno, Honduras.  This venue has now become an annual event for Luis.  He takes advantage of the fact that thousands of people come to the beach during Easter week.  The local police not only look forward to Luis coming, they PLAN on it.   They've figured out that crime drops dramatically when the evangelist is preaching. Luis requested to talk to 125 police officers at the beginning of the week, before the big crowds arrived.  Many of them subsequently accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior! He reports that several thousand people were saved during his open-air preaching at the beach that week.
  In April, Luis preached in Guatemala.  The Lord used him to bring the good news to some of the most spiritually dark parts of that country.  So far, over 600 practicing witches have given their lives to Christ, along with 37 proclaimed wizards, and 300 gang members.  ​He said that these people were REALLY hungry for spiritual discipling, begging him to stay longer.  Although Luis prefers to preach the Gospel and move on, the Lord made it clear that he needed to make an exception.   After he stayed several days, he told us that people started coming from all parts of Guatemala to hear the message, even from neighboring Mexico!  That's the power of God's Word. 

February 2013  Our Lord has clearly led Pastor Luis to preach in Nicaragua.   Every night, people from the surrounding towns and villages will come to hear a message from God's word.   Luis says that he's never seen such a large response to the Gospel, and continually from night to night!   Often, thousands will turn their lives to Christ.
   On Feb 8th, 17 masons came to Luis after the campaign was over.  They wanted him to pray for them.  ​(They wouldn't openly accept Christ during the campaign)  Of course, not only did he pray for them, but he had them repent and renounce their satanic lifestyle.   Immediately after they accepted Christ, Luis had another intense kidney stone attack.  This is becoming quite common anytime the demonic forces are kicked out.  Even the other pastors who work with Luis are experiencing similar attacks.   To get relief, he needs to go to a clinic to get medication and stay the night.  
  On another night,  a "mother" witch​ attended a campaign, no doubt to put curses on Pastor Luis.  But the Spirit of God was stronger than any of the demons she carried.   That night she gave her heart over to Christ and a legion of demons left her.   Now, this was a powerful victory for the Lord, because as it turns out, she was a high ranking leader of 666 other witches in that region.   She then began to bring hundreds of other people to the campaigns, many of them witches.  On Feb 23rd, Luis counted 185 witches that received Jesus.   They were so fired up for Christ that they burned 100 of their satanic books!
   We also have news that on Feb 26th there were approximately 3,000 people​ who accepted Christ, 66 of whom were gang leaders.
   The urologist at the clinic, Dr. Fernando, has been seeing Luis constantly.  He's been baffled at the shear amount of stones that Luis passes daily, and after researching the matter more, he had no scientific explanation for it.  Of course, it's also been an excellent time for Dr. Fernando to hear Luis repeatedly talk about the Lord and His plan of salvation.   This month, he finally gave his life over the Christ.  
   ​Thank you God for giving life to the spiritually dead, and giving hope to the desperate.

​January 2013  Well, God is certainly moving his evangelist around Central America.  At the beginning of January, Pastor Luis was flown by helicopter into the VERY remote region of La Mosquitia, Honduras.   This rain forest is home to the indigenous Miskito people, which are also extremely poor.  This area is also a drug-trafficking haven where the criminals act as they please, often forcing the locals to assist them at gunpoint.   For this trip, Luis brought in some rice and beans and spent 4 days preaching at several villages.
  Immediately after returning from La Mosquitia, Luis preached for 3 days at a soccer stadium in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  For the rest of January he was preaching in towns near Leon, Nicaragua.  418 gang boys were among the thousands saved, along with numerous street children.  To keep these ex-gang boys away from bad influences, Luis found it necessary to rent a large house for them to live in.  He did something similar for the ex-gang boys of Guatemala and El Salvador.   Housing them together makes it easier to visit them and disciple their young hearts.

​​Dec 28, 2012  
After a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Guatemala on Nov 7th,  Pastor Luis was called to go down to minister and preach to some villages there.   When he arrived, he found that the people were hungry and desperate.   But with a mere $400 per day, this ministry was able to feed thousands of people with food, and also send an evangelist to feed them with the Word of God.  Yes, thousands gave their lives to Christ and God's timing was perfect.  Luis also comforted families and helped bury the dead; a sobering experience.  
   ​Later in November, Pastor Luis was invited to speak at a large political convention in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.   He reports that an average of 6,000 people a day responded to the Word of God during a 5-day campaign, including 200 devout Mormons.  As part of his message, Luis asked several teenagers (former gang members) to give their testimony and perform some skits.  
   From there, Luis headed to El Salvador​ and spent many days preaching at local soccer fields in small towns.  Many gang kids are still giving their lives to Christ.  Tragically, it was at this time that Luis learned that 4 ex-gang members that he led to Christ were murdered.   These were teenagers that he had been visiting and discipling regularly.   
  During the past week, Pastor Luis has been preaching in Monjaras, Honduras at the invitation of the police chief and mayor.  After one evening, a hard-core gang leader gave his life to Christ.  He told Luis that he would be back the next night with 200 others.  Indeed, they came.  And they were saved, too!   The power and grace of God is so evident when these horribly wicked kids receive Christ and are filled with the Spirit.   

Nov 1, 2012   Radio and TV audiences in Honduras are still calling in asking to hear more of what Pastor Luis has to say.  On Oct 22nd, he appeared on a Tegucigalpa TV station at 6AM in the morning.  Then later that day he came back at 6PM to preach and teach some more.  However, the audience was so responsive that the TV station decided to keep him on air until 1AM in the morning!    On Oct 27th, the station reported that 6,000 people called in to report their decisions for Christ!  While he's not preaching on radio and TV, Luis is traveling back and forth to Guatemala to preach.  Some of the Guatemalans are familiar with Luis by way of his radio and TV appearances.  He reports that there have been an unusually ​high number of people responding to the gospel message when he preaches there, upwards of 2,000 a day.    Elsewhere, El Sembrador Ministries is helping to support the living quarters for ex-gang members who have given their lives to Christ through Luis's campaigns.   These young men don't have a safe place to live, so Luis has rented two large houses for them to live in. One is in Guatemala and the other is in El Salvador.  He visits often to disciple them and bolster their faith.  The rent for both of these houses is approximately $90 per day, and your donations to this ministry are helping cover these costs.

Oct 10, 2012    Pastor Luis continues to be invited to speak at a local TV station and a local radio station in Choluteca, Honduras.  At one point, the TV station rented a nearby soccer stadium and gave him the stage to preach to thousands.  Three thousand people accepted Christ that day!  At other times, Luis drives to Guatemala to preach evening messages.  He reports that there have a been a few times when more than 1,000 people raised their hands to show that they gave their hearts to Christ.  But along with the overwhelming response comes satanic attacks:  Luis has been stricken twice with kidney stone attacks immediately after preaching the Word.   Both times he needed to seek care at a clinic. ($700 each visit!)

Sept 2012    We hear news that more gang members are coming to Christ in El Salvador.  In one instance, Pastor Luis spent all day baptizing many new believers in a small river.  He counted 1,016 people!    Later, he spent time in Guatemala in places such as Petèn, Baja Verapaz & Alta Verapaz.   He reports that the crowds are so attentive when they hear the Good News.  
   ​Recently, Luis was invited to be interviewed on a local TV station in Choluteca, Honduras.   This was a secular station but he took the opportunity to talk for 2 hours about the redeeming grace of our Lord, effectively giving a salvation message to thousands of viewers.   The station reported receiving a 1000 calls from people who were saved.  Luis was invited back a few more times to the TV station and also a radio station.  At one point, he arrived at the TV station to find that they setup a stage outside with a throng of people waiting for him to speak.
   Finally, a story about the boldness that is needed to minister to the gang youth.  Last month Pastor Luis received a call on his cell phone from a couple of gang boys​ threatening to kill his wife and children unless he paid them.  (In Honduras, cell phone numbers are public information)  "You're cowards!", he told them.  "I don't believe you.  If you want my money, come see me face to face."  Later, he went to the police station to report the incident where they recommended that he change his cell phone number.  Using a different name, he got a new mobile phone number and gave that number to the police.  They next day Luis got a call from the same boys who had the same extortion demands!  The police obviously had corrupt connections with the gangs.   Luis was just as bold over the phone and spoke the Word of God to these poor boys.   Christ worked in their hearts immediately, and they eventually broke down and accepted the hope and freedom that God offers.   They later came to see Luis face to face and told him, "NOBODY ever speaks to us the way you do."  Please pray for the power of God to follow Pastor Luis every day.

​​August 2012     Welcome to our new website!  The old website went offline in June and we had to switch to another provider.
Pastor Luis has been preaching extensively in El Salvador.  As Luis preaches almost every evening, hundreds are responding to the alter call.  They then bring friends and family to the next night's preaching/teaching.  He tells of one evening when 26 prostitutes came to Christ.  Another evening, while Luis used huge loudspeakers to deliver his message, farmers working nearby in the fields heard every word.  During the alter call they stopped their work, knelt where they were, and prayed to God.   Most notable about this current campaign is the number of hard core gang members coming to Christ.   These new believers tell Luis that the word is out on the streets: "Don't even come within earshot of the 'Pastor'.   You won't be able to resist him."   The gangs have nicknamed him the "Gang Hunter".   Indeed, scores of these young men come to hear what the big deal is, then walk away forever changed.    Life is tough once they renounce their old life.  If they are found by their old gang members, they are killed on sight.  Luis reports 4 such killings in the last couple months.  He himself lives with a target on his back and we can only thank God for His mercy and protection.  Please pray accordingly.

                          Archived News Items

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Salvation in El Salvador

Pastor Luis, our evangelist, has recently been in El Salvador. He had an opportunity to preach to some young boys that were involved with gangs. (the townspeople are terribly afraid of them) Seventeen boys accepted Christ with tears and confessions. They then invited some of the gang members who were girls. Two of those girls were saved. Luis spent 10 days discipling and teaching these young impressionable souls, knowing that they could so easily slip back to their old ways. Thank you, Lord!
If our God allows, we will be sending Pastor Ram and Jackie to Nepal for several days of ministry. Ram would like to minister to the church that he had to leave 3 years ago, and Jackie will be speaking specifically to the women, teaching and encouraging them.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Fisher of Men

Here's some recent news from Honduras: During the first week of October, Pastor Luis was in Guatemala at the invitation of Pastor Tomas. Each day that he preached the Word, the Spirit moved mightily, with many healings and speaking in tongues. Luis commented that it was the greatest outpouring of the Spirit that he'd ever seen.
It wasn't but a few days after he'd returned to Honduras that a fisherman approached Luis to ask him to come to his village to preach. His village was on an island in the Gulf of Fonseca, and amazingly, he wasn't a believer. However, Luis felt led to accompany this man back to his village via the man's fishing boat. It wasn't long before the man and his family accepted Christ as Luis began to preach every day in the open public spaces. The news spread to surrounding villages; hundreds of people came to hear the evangelist.
The crowds stayed for several days, and so Luis decided to separate them into 12 groups of 55 so that he could disciple them. Before long, the crowds began to dwindle as they returned back to their homes. Luis thought that his ministry there was coming to a close, but in few days, the shoreline was packed with more fishing boats. Many had gone back home only to bring more friends and family to hear the Good News; people from Honduras, El Salvador & Nicaragua. By the time Luis was ready to leave, he had counted well over 1,000 people who raised their hands to accept Christ.
Today he is headed down to Leon, Nicaragua to preach at the invitation of Pastor Donald.

Monday, July 5, 2010
Update on Pastor Luis

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve written an update, but Pastor Luis has been going strong preaching the Word of God in Central America. For example, from June 10-24 he was preaching every day in the town of San Miguel, El Salvador and Santa Cruz, Honduras. During that time, he’s counted 7,111 people who have committed their lives to Christ!
Luis was blessed to hear that 7 churches have recently sprung up in El Salvador as a result of some preaching he did several month ago. Typically, local pastors in the area will invite Luis to come preach for a few days. The town soccer field is the perfect place (every town has one) and all he need’s is a small platform to deliver his message. He tries to get a PA system when he can. His evening messages gather the most people, but he also will do some street preaching during the day. During his alter call at the end of his message, he’ll count up the people who came forward, or, for the really big crowds, he’ll have some helpers count for him.
We’re planning to send Jackie and Luis to Myanmar in Sept 2010, if God wills it. We have a contact with a local pastor who’s invited us to come. Please pray for the finances to make this trip.

Saturday, January 9, 2010
Thousands Saved on Election Day

Pastor Luis, as always, has been busy since our last post. In November he was in Guatemala discipling pastors and preaching. Later, in Choluteca, Honduras, he was asked to help at some of the polling places for the election. The government allowed him to preach at the polls, because otherwise Luis would not have volunteered. There was such a huge turnout at the polls, and the people were so willing to listen, that 3,394 of them accepted Christ at the invitation of Luis! He estimates that 30,000 people heard his message. The United States ambassador was even there, and he took time to tell Luis that his preaching had a positive effect on the crowds.
On Nov 30th, just after the tremendous response at the polling booths, Luis had another kidney failure. He went to a clinic for 4 days, but was then transferred to a specialty clinic in Tegucigalpa. The doctors told him that his kidneys were failing, and that one of them had to be removed. He insisted that God would heal him, and so he began to evangelize everyone that would listen. He received very little response there, but God indeed healed him, and so he left the clinic owing them $2000. It took a while for our ministry to raise the money, so Luis and his ministry team slept on a park bench for a couple nights.
At the end of December, Luis was invited to Nicaragua to preach. While he was preaching, a procession of approximately 1,000 Catholics came through the street carrying a statue of the black virgin. When they heard Luis preaching, they left the statue and rushed over towards him. He thought they were going to attack him, but instead, they stood and listened to the message. 589 of them accepted Christ that day.
Later, in Choluteca, Luis held a campaign at a soccer field. The mayor invited him and arranged to use of the field for only $500, but it normally costs $2,000. About 4,000 souls were won.

Friday, November 20, 2009
Pastor Luis has been busy

Here’s an update to the work that our evangelist, Pastor Luis, has been doing for the past several weeks. In late October he was preaching in Jalapa, Guatemala where he won 1,022 souls. He reported that there were many healings and deliverance from demons. Later, in another Guatemalan village, Luis brought a worship team that consisted of four young teenagers who he’s been mentoring for years. 1,218 people committed their lives to Christ there.
In November, Luis visited the “Three candles” area of Honduras where 55 people were saved. He then went on to El Salvador to the city of San Vicente and San Martin where he met with Pastor Cota. That area was ravaged by rain and mudslides recently.

Sunday, August 30, 2009
Unrest in Honduras

Late in June, Pastor Luis was in El Salvador where he was invited to do a radio broadcast. After he preached on the air, he told the audience that he would continue preaching in the area. Hundreds of people came to hear him, and hundreds accepted Christ, approximately 1200 people. Also in June, the Honduran government underwent a coup. We hear from Luis that the general public is scared, and they’re uncertain about the future. Naturally, many hearts have been opened to hear the Gospel message. Because of the public unrest, Luis has a Christian army lieutenant protecting him has he preaches.
In July, some island fishermen came to Luis and asked him to come to their island to preach. When he arrived, he found that many of the fishing boats had returned empty that day. Luis told them the story about how Jesus told Peter and the other disciples to cast out into the deep water. He told the Honduran fishermen to try it. They were hesitant at first, because casting into deep water was risky, but they tried it and caught many fish. Luis had brought notebooks for the fishermen to write down the scripture passages to study while they were waiting for the nets to fill up. He also had the islanders do prayer vigils for four hours every night he was there.
From June to August, Luis counted 10,116 people who made commitments to Jesus Christ!
Locally, here in Portland, Pastor Ram and Pastor Kisan are still looking for a place to hold church services for the Bhutanese community.
We are still planning to send Jackie, Kisan, and Luis to Nepal in November for an evangelistic campaign.

Saturday, June 27, 2009
River Baptism in Oregon; Guns and Earthquakes in Honduras

As usual, Pastor Luis has been busy preaching for the past couple of months. From April 13 to May 14 Luis has preached in Choleteca, Honduras to a nation-wide police conference, then in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador, and also in a prison. Over 5,000 people accepted Jesus as their Savior. Praise God!
From May 21-29 Luis was at Tiger Island in the Gulf of Fonsesca, Honduras. He had a good audience because there was a Swordfish tournament at the time, but the island also happens to be a hotspot for illegal sex trade trafficking. Many people were saved, and turned from their sinful ways. Luis received a very vulgar and threatening letter one day, so he prayed for the man who wrote it. Two days later, the man came to Luis and asked forgiveness for writing the vile letter. He had since given his life to Christ and was very ashamed. On May 27th, while on Tiger Island, a large earthquake hit Honduras. The people were scared and it was the perfect opportunity for him to share the Gospel. In all, 1,751 people were saved that week.
The indigenous Miskito people in northeast Honduras were the most vulnerable to the destructive effects of the earthquake. Using a contact that he has in the Honduran army, Luis hopped on a helicopter to bring hundreds of pounds of food to the needy. Your donations to this ministry is what helps pay for such expenses.
At the beginning of June, Pastor Luis was preaching in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras where he led 45 prostitutes to Christ. He then had just enough money to buy them bus rides back to their homes. Later, Luis was confronted by the pimp, who had a gun. He was extremely angry. That didn’t stop Luis from trying to bring the man to Christ, but to no avail. The Lord kept our brother safe, though.
Here in Portland, Oregon, Pastor Kisan and his family arrived from Nepal. They are also Bhutanese refugees, like Pastor Ram, who are being re-located around the world. Not long after his arrival, Ram, Jackie, and Kisan held a river baptism for some Bhutanese who recently accepted Christ.

Sunday, April 12, 2009
Thousands accept Christ at the beach

From March 28th through April 9th Pastor Luis was preaching on the beaches of Honduras, near the town of Cedeno. At this time of year, thousands of people come to vacation there. Luis said that the people were very responsive, with much spiritual fervor. In total, 7,790 people responded to the salvation message!

Friday, March 27, 2009
Salvation for policemen, soccer fans and gang leaders

At the end of February, Pastor Luis was in Leon, Nicaragua for a two-day campaign. He counted 1,431 people who gave their lives to Christ, with many of them being physically healed. There were even two policemen who were saved! A few days later Luis was in Monjaras, Honduras, where he was asked to give the opening invocation for a soccer tournament. Not only did he deliver a prayer, but he gave a small salvation message in which 67 people responded. He was invited back the next day, and 128 souls were won into the Kingdom.
Not long after that, Pastor Luis was approached by a fisherman who wanted the evangelist to come to his fishing village to speak. Being led by the Spirit, Luis agreed, and so took a boat ride to an island on the Pacific coast of Honduras. He was expecting a small crowd, but instead, thousands were gathered to hear a message from God. During the first evening 1,102 people gave their lives to Christ! Later, another 328 were saved. Apparently, during the first evening, a dangerous gang leader was saved to the point of crying and confessing to Luis. The next night, he brought 30 of his fellow gang members and they were saved too! The gang leader even invited 2 big-time drug lords from the mainland to hear the message. One of them fell to his knees and accepted Jesus, while the other turned his back and left. Seeing such a dramatic conversion, Luis made a point of spending time with these youth to disciple them.
At the beginning of March, Pastor Luis again had a bad episode with his kidneys that involved swelling of his legs and feet. He was admitted to a clinic. Last week, we heard that he has gone into the rain-forests of La Mosquitia with his interpreter Ishmael to visit some villages. He often gets messages from these villages asking him to come back to teach. It’s expensive to travel there, and dangerous too.

Friday, February 20, 2009
More souls won into the Kingdom

Pastor Luis has been very busy since the beginning of the year. He’s been preaching in San Lorenzo, Nicaragua; El Salvador and the southwest section of Honduras. Healings are common, and many are freed from demons.
Recently, he held a campaign in a village called Kopal in Nicaragua. During this 5-day campaign, a village of Lenca Indians came down from the mountains as a result of hearing from their chief, who had accepted Jesus during the first day of the campaign. Luis said it was a "stream of people" coming down the mountain every day.
This past week, Luis preached the Gospel near Leon, Nicaragua, at a baseball field. Thousands of people attended, with 731 people accepting Christ. Many people were healed, including a blind man. Earlier that day, Luis visited a prison that housed HIV-infected convicts. He led 19 of them to Christ.
Luis counts a total of 1,312 people that have committed their lives to Christ in 2009!

Saturday, January 31, 2009
Welcome Pastor Ram

We’d like to welcome Paster Ram Sarki to the El Sembrador Ministry team. He and his family arrived in Portland, Oregon in October 2008 as part of a relocation program for Bhutanese refugees. There are many other refugee families coming into Portland, so Pastor Ram is focused on helping them get settled and sharing the Gospel with these traditionally Hindu or Buddhist families.

Saturday, December 13, 2008
A car accident saves lives

From November 24-27, Pastor Luis preached in the marketplace and won 356 souls. On his way home, his truck got hit and because the man who hit him bribed the police, Luis’ truck got impounded. (things work differently in Honduras) When he went to court, he led the judge, the truck driver who ran into him, and the policemen in court all to Christ! He put his hands on the judge and prayed for him. The judge wept as he received Christ. Isn’t it great how God used what we look at as a big problem and turns it into something good?
In early December, the mayor of Monjaras, Honduras invited Luis to come do another campaign in the stadium. He preached 3 days and won 1,313 souls into the Kingdom. Pray that these people will continue to search for the truth of Jesus and will not be led astray.
Currently, Luis is in a clinic recuperating from another kidney-stone attack. Even while in immense pain, God gives him the ability to share his faith with other patients and staff.

Friday, November 21, 2008
Catastrophic rains

Heavy rains in Central America during the past month have caused widespread devastation. Pastor Luis has been in the thick of it, offering the hope that only Jesus Christ can give. Before the serious rain storm hit, Luis was able to ferry 27 people from the coastal town of Cedeno to higher ground. (it took several trips with his pickup truck). He put them up at a hotel and helped feed them. It also gave him ample opportunity to preach the Gospel. After the intense rains, he was able to bring food to villages in La Mosquitia that were completely decimated. That was only possible because Luis made contact with an army colonel whom he had previously led to Christ. The colonel had ordered a helicopter to take Luis to the remote villages.
Later, back in Cedeno, Luis helped with the cleanup. At every opportunity, he preached the Word and encouraged the people. One of his sisters-in-Christ, Tasha, would cook meals for people who were hungry. One day Tasha said, “Luis, we actually have some food left over. What should I do?” Luis told her to set the table. When a group of men from COPECO ( a government emergency agency) passed through the town to evaluate the damage, Luis invited them to eat some dinner. It turns out they hadn’t eaten all day, and were very appreciative. Luis eventually led one man to Christ. Later, while preaching publicly, he called the man from COPECO up to the platform to give his testimony. The man was in tears, and said that he had never seen such spiritual leadership in all of Honduras. He said that all the other towns he visited were drowned in hopelessness.
Please realize that your donations to this ministry go directly to helping Pastor Luis preach the Gospel. Whenever we decide to feed or clothe the needy, it is delivered with hand-in-hand with the Good News of Jesus.

In other news, Pastor Ram and his family (from Nepal) has arrived in the US and has settled into an apartment. As you may recall, Pastor Ram was a refugee in Nepal. The conditions in the refugee camps were simple and tough, but he managed to put together a tent campaign in early 2008. The government of Nepal is now closing down the refugee camps, and, by God’s perfect will, Ram and his family landed in the US. He now lives in Portland, and we’re excited to work with him.

Friday, August 29, 2008
Tent preaching in Monjaras

For most of the first half of August, Pastor Luis has been tent preaching in the town of Monjaras, Honduras. He rented a tent, 250 chairs, someone to clean, and someone to watch the area at night. Each day a crowd gathered to hear him preach the Word of God. 1,317 people made decisions for Christ during that 18 day period, and as usual, there are some amazing stories to be told. For instance, one day, very close to the tent, a shot rang out. A man was shot in the head by gang members, leaving him dead. The horrified crowd then listened intently as Luis talked to them about eternity and the gift of salvation. 68 people committed their lives to Christ. On another day, Luis was going from house to house sharing the Gospel when he came upon an elderly and ailing couple. After a long life of refusing Christ, they finally both repented and called Jesus their Savior. Shortly thereafter, they both died. Luis was also invited to preach at a local high school by the principal himself. 12 teachers and 27 students accepted Christ. Luis also met a gentleman whom he had led to Christ 15 years earlier. At that time, the man was involved in crime, but he repented and dedicated his life to God. He’s now the mayor of the town of San Marcos, and says he leads his town by following Jesus.

From August 18-28, Luis has been preaching in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatamala. He reports 856 souls being won into the Kingdom.

Saturday, July 26, 2008
Luis miraculously healed; Jackie in Nepal

Well, as usual, Pastor Luis has been all around Honduras spreading the Good News to whoever will listen. In the first half of June he was in Choluteca preaching in the marketplace, with 292 people accepting Christ. Near the end of June, some people from a rain forest village invited him to come back and teach about Jesus. He had previously preached there before, but this time 800 more people were saved. From July 1-5, Luis traveled to two cities in Honduras and preached 2 or 3 times a day. He counted a total of 3,059 people who made decisions to follow Jesus! On one day, he visited a prison and was allowed to preach to a portion of the inmates. Luis said it was awesome to see 163 hardened criminals cry and repent of their sins.

In the second week of July, Luis had major kidney failure. The people at the clinic knew him well, since he had previously led many of them to Christ. But he had to be transported to another clinic that had a dialysis machine. Luis then took the opportunity to win many of the staff to Christ. As they prepared to place him on the dialysis machine, they drew his blood once more. To their utter shock, his blood was clean!! God miraculously healed him. The doctors were so amazed that the owner of the clinic (he owns many) came in to talk with Luis and find out what was going on. Luis evangelized the man for quite a while, but he never accepted Christ. However, he did say that any Christian that wanted to witness to the patients could do so without any harassment.

For the last couple of weeks, Luis has been ministering to fishermen in the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras. He takes a boat from island to island to preach the Word. He even talks to the fishermen right on their boats. A total of 1,794 people have been saved so far.

We have great news from Nepal, where Jackie Gust went to preach to hundreds of Bhutanese refugees. She was able to visit one of the largest of the 7 refugee camps, which is near the city of Damak. A small core group of Christians, led by Pastor Ram, invited us to come preach the word. Also speaking at the “Evangelical conference” was a visiting pastor from India, Pastor Sanjeeb. Jackie taught on the Holy Spirit, and was also able to speak to an audience of women only. To see some photos, go here.

Friday, May 30, 2008
God’s Word gets out in May

Praise God for the hundreds of people who are choosing to follow Christ! From April 30th to May 2, Pastor Luis preached in the town of Cedeno, Honduras where a total of 709 people made decisions for Jesus. Seven orphans sang worship songs before Luis spoke. (These are the same kids who Luis mentors) After the campaign, he gave a “thank you” breakfast to the police who provided security. 21 of them were saved, too!
From May 5-7, Luis preached in a mountain village and won 72 souls, one of them being a witch.
From May 13-15, Luis spent time in Nicaragua preaching the Gospel to hundreds of eager listeners. A total of 261 people accepted Christ.
From May 16-22 Luis went back into the La Mosquitia region to minister to the indigenous Miskito indians. This particular area was near the Rio Coco and Rio Blanco. He discipled some people in one village, then evangelized in 6 other villages. A total of 693 people were saved! Luis and his interpreter, Ishmael, also brought in supplies of beans and rice for the villages that were struggling.
After this, Luis went to a clinic to have a painful ingrown toenail removed. He then visited his “kids” in the town of Cedeno. These are orphans and disadvantaged children who Luis has taken under his wing. Many of them were very sick. One of them, Mario, was in really bad shape, so Luis took him to a hospital. They diagnosed him with an infected gall bladder,and planned to have the staff pediatrician operate the next day. The pediatrician was out-of-town , but as he was traveling back to the hospital the next day, he was killed by lightning!! Luis said that the hospital was in chaos, so he took Mario to another clinic. There, Mario got the necessary surgery at a cost of $3000.
While Mario was recovering, Luis took to the streets to preach. From May 27-29, Luis led 67 people to Christ. On the day of May 29 Luis also was invited to speak to 200 servicemen of the Honduran army. They were set to deploy on a de-mining mission. 75 of those men gave their hearts to Jesus that day!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
God’s word is spread all over Honduras in April

Luis has been all around Honduras in April. Early in the month, Pastor Luis felt called to go preach in the mountains of the Three Candles area. During the 3 days he stayed with an Indian family. One evening they were discussing "principalities" and afterward the 3 adults of the family got violently ill. Luis took them to the hospital, where he paid for antibiotics, then he went back up the mountain to preach some more. During the 3 days of preaching, 1227 souls accepted Jesus.
Then, a man named Mamimo came to Luis and asked him to come to a beach village (Guapinol, we believe) where a "big wave" had just destroyed the village and the people were without food and water. Luis bought supplies and went to the village. All the women cooked the food and then Luis preached. The next day Luis went door-to-door and evangelized. Even the village mayor came to Christ, who is encouraging Luis to continue preaching. Luis helped the people by showing them hygiene practices. He is stayed for 2 weeks in order to help the people dig out as the water receded and to train them to hold home church meetings.
Your contributions helped buy shovels, wheelbarrows and food for the 250-300 people who were homeless and hungry. The work which Luis did in helping these people shovel out their homes was God's work. While digging, the villagers found bodies of two young boys, neither of which belonged to anyone in the Honduran village. In a couple of days, a large group of Nicaraguans came, looking for their boy. Luis preached to them and led 37 to Christ!
Luis left the villagers on Friday, April 18, to go home for a couple of days. While he was waiting for the transfer of money which Jackie was sending, he talked to 9 shoeshine boys and led 1 to Christ. That 1 went to the next village and told his friends, who were also shoeshine boys, to come and hear Luis. The second time Luis preached, 19 boys were led to Christ. One was a drug addict who totally lost his desire to do drugs, cleaned himself up and came back to talk to Luis 2 days later, a completely changed person.
When Luis returned to the villagers who were digging out, another group of Nicaraguans came, also looking for their boy. Luis led 42 of them to the Lord. In all, 151 people gave their lives to Christ during the two weeks.

This last Saturday, April 26, Luis was asked to be the speaker at a large Catholic festival which was going to take place at the soccer stadium over the weekend, in Manjaras. Saturday, 711 came forward to receive Christ and Sunday 903 were born again. During the Sunday preaching, a man close to Luis' platform started have violent seizures and he was floating in the air about 3 feet above the ground while he was having the seizures. He was able to throw 4 large policemen away from him. Luis commanded the demons to leave and for him to lie down so Luis could finish the message. Afterwards, Luis commanded the man to stand up and asked him what he wanted. The man said he wanted Christ, so Luis led him to salvation. On Monday, 789 more people received Christ. Luis told us that he can feel the power of our prayers, so KEEP PRAYING for God’s work.

Monday, March 24, 2008
6,624 souls won at the Easter Campaign

For the week of March 17-22, Pastor Luis has been busy preaching to thousands of people. Usually, during Easter week, Luis will campaign on the beaches of the southern Honduras coast. This year was no different. He also solicits the help of the local police force, who know him personally. Last year, at the request of the police commissioner, Luis was able to hold Bible studies for the officers. Many of them received Christ! This year, like last year, the police helped with crowd control, security, and counting heads.
On Monday, March 17, Luis was able to preach to 120 officers, 90 of whom accepted Christ! Then, for the next six evenings, Luis would find a spot on the beach, set up his PA system, and begin to preach to the thousands of people who have gathered. (Remember that Easter week is a big holiday time for Hondurans) For Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 3,294 people accepted Christ. On Thursday, 1,214 souls were won. On Friday, 1,213 souls were won. And on Saturday, 903 people responded. That’s a total of 6,624 people who raised their hands and accepted our savior, Jesus Christ!
On Easter Sunday, the police and other helpers cleaned up the beach. On Monday, Luis sponsored a luncheon for 160 or so police officers, thanking them for their help. Apparently, many of the officers expressed astonishment about how peaceful the entire beach was.

Friday, March 14, 2008
In La Mosquitia and Nicaragua

Pastor Luis has spent some time back in the La Mosquitia region of Honduras. Last year, Luis focused on evangelizing the villages in this rural rain-forest, often at the peril of his own life. But God was faithful to protect him. This year, he is focusing on discipleship, re-visiting several villages.
From March 6-11 Luis discipled 16 people in one village, and 17 people in another. Ishmael, his faithful interpreter, was with him. He taught from I Tim 1:5 and Acts 4:12. He also brought enough food to feed 33 families.
On March 13th and 14th, Luis preached in Nicaragua at the invitation of Pastor Donald. We know that on the 13th and 14th, a total of 179 people made decisions for Christ.

Friday, February 29, 2008
679 people say “YES” to Christ

For the month of February, our brother-in-Christ, Pastor Luis, has been evangelizing in Honduras and neighboring El Salvador. He reports that 679 souls were won into the kingdom during the week of Feb 20-27.

Thursday, February 7, 2008
A deaf-mute healed; Preaching in the Parks of Tegucigalpa

On January 18th and 19th Luis was down in Nicaragua, again preaching the Word to the lost. On the second evening of preaching, a young deaf-mute woman approached the platform with a family member. Luis asked her, “What do you want?”. She signaled that she wanted to accept Jesus, and to be healed. Luis prayed for her, then sent her back into the crowd. A few moments later, Luis called her name, AND SHE ANSWERED! She was completely healed. The people in the crowd were awestruck, because they knew this woman from birth. That evening, many people came to Christ, with a total of 503 souls won over the two days.

That same evening, as Luis was preaching, he was struck with such great pain in his arm that he nearly passed out. Pastor Victor (who invited Luis to preach there) later told Luis about how his father had encountered the very same demonic attack 30 years ago when he was publicly evangelizing. But he died from it. Luis also had a kidney stone attack, so back to the hospital he went, this time to Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Luis’ treatment lasted several days, and the hospital told him to come in every day for shots. In the meantime, he walked around the city and found a park in the poorer side of town. He stood up on a fountain in Concordia Park and began to tell Bible stories and preach to whoever would listen. Before long, a large crowd gathered. After he gave an alter call, he counted 75 people who gave their lives to Christ! One of them was a young prostitute who repented of her lifestyle and decided to move back to her home town to raise her 3 children. Luis promised everyone that he would be back the next day.... and he was. This time there were hundreds of people, including several prostitutes who had heard the news through their friend who was saved the day prior. 87 souls were won that day. And the next day, a gentleman named Mario helped luis set up dinner for the homeless. El Sembrador Ministries helped feed 400 homeless people that day, and 93 more people accepted Christ! We understand that Luis also preached at Finlay Park on Friday, Jan 25th.

Thursday, January 17, 2008
1,168 people accept Christ! Luis has bouts with kidney stones

Luis has spent some time in Nicaragua. From Jan 3-5, he was near the Costa Rican border and won a total of 491 souls. It ended with Luis suffering another severe kidney stone attack, which placed him in the hospital a couple of days (at $200 per day).

From Jan 10-12, he was back preaching again, south of Leon, Nicaragua. A total of 325 people accepted Christ! Again, Luis needed to check into a hospital for a few days for his kidney stones.

On Jan 16th, he was invited to preach near the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He reports that approximately 2,000 people came to hear, and 352 souls were won.

January 4, 2008
The traveling preacher wins 1,085 more souls!

​​Luis has been busy. Here’s the latest:

From Dec 22-26 he was in a small fishing village on an island off the southern coast of Honduras. He was invited there by one of the fishermen. After 3 days of preaching, he reports that 102 people were saved. One of the men that Luis led to Christ was from Guatemala, and he urged Luis to come to his home and preach the Word. So off went Luis, again being led by the Spirit.

From Dec 27-29 Luis spent 3 days preaching and discipling these poor fishermen in Guatemala and Belize. Luis said that they were starving to hear the Word of God, and otherwise would not get a chance to hear the truth. 362 souls were won over those 3 days, and one young man in particular was “on fire” for God. Luis made it a point to disciple him every chance he got, seeing that he had the heart of a pastor.

On Dec 31, New Years Eve, Luis gathered a crowd at a soccer field in the town of Cedeno, Honduras. The police in this area know Luis well by now, and many of them are brothers in Christ. The police escorted Luis to and from the soccer field, and sat behind him as he spoke. 621 people decided to follow Christ that evening. There were over 1,000 adults in attendance and many children.

Presently, Luis is in Nicaragua near the Costa Rican border on a preaching campaign.

Friday, December 21, 2007
What a week! 819 in Nicaragua; 8539 in Choluteca stadium

Last week (Dec 16-18), Luis finished up a 3 day campaign in Nicaragua. The audience consisted of mostly poor sugar-cane workers from 4 countries: Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, & Costa Rica. In all, 819 people gave their lives to Christ, 427 people re-committed their walk with Christ, and 165 people were healed!

Immediately thereafter (Dec 19-21), Luis preached at a huge stadium campaign back in his hometown, Choluteca, Honduras. An estimated 32,000 people packed into the stadium to hear the Word of God. The first night, 4,723 souls were won. The next night, 3,116 people were saved. And on Friday morning, 700 people gave their lives to Christ. That’s a total of 8,539 people whom God saved in that stadium! (In order to keep a count of all the decisions for Christ at large campaigns, Luis has each person take a “ticket” at the gates when they enter. If they receive Jesus that day, Luis instructs them to place their “ticket” in a box as they leave.) Friday evening, after the stadium campaign wrapped up earlier that day, Luis preached at another local area, bringing 61 more souls to Christ.

The next day (Dec 22), Luis was camped on the beach in his tent. A Christian fisherman approached him and requested that he come and preach the Gospel to his village, on an island off the coast of Honduras. So, off went Luis on a boat, guided by the Holy Spirit and guarded by the hand of God. We’ll post more about his trip once we hear word.

Pastor Luis’ aggressive heart for Christ takes him all over the country, and indeed the world. Please understand that Luis does not take a salary, but the cost of his travel does add up quickly, not to mention the occasional stadium rental ($3500). God’s provision for his evangelism efforts is made possible through your contributions, as well as a few grants we have received. All contributions received by El Sembrador Ministries go directly to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not to any administrative costs or salaries.

Friday, December 14, 2007
Trip to India a success

On December 13th, Pastor Luis and Jackie returned back from their trip to Sikkim, India. Their host, Pastor Silas, drove them along a high, winding, and precipitous road to the remote village. The first day, Luis spoke to approximately 300 people. Most of the people in attendance were Christians from the surrounding area, or from the neighboring countries of Bhutan and Nepal. Appropriately, Luis taught and encouraged them, bolstering their faith in Christ. The next day, Jackie had the opportunity to minister to about 100 women with words of encouragement and a message from the Word. That afternoon, Luis taught again, to 400 attendees. These Christians, who are in a great minority and under persecution, are blessed mightily when other Christians from around the world come to encourage them, and share a message from God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will go out with each of these believers so that salvation will spread across that land.

For the upcoming week of Dec 17-20, Luis plans to preach in Nicaragua.

Sunday, October 28, 2007
17,766 souls won at the Choluteca stadium campaign

Great news from the stadium campaign in Choluteca! Pastor Luis preached for 3 days to anyone who was willing to hear, including 1600 prisoners who were bused in from various prisons. Many young people led the worship. Yes, the same youth who heard the Gospel during Luis’ school campaign in August. Here are the numbers:

Oct 19, Friday: 6,323 souls won, with 20,000 people in attendance.
Oct 20, Saturday: 7,118 souls won, with 20,000 to 25,000 attending.
Oct 21, Sunday: 4,325 souls won, with 25,000+ people in attendance.

That’s 17,766 souls won! Apparently, Luis had a system of keeping track of the decisions for Christ. Small “tickets” were given out as the people entered the stadium. If they made a decision to give their heart to Christ, they were to place their “ticket” into a container on their way out of the stadium.

At the end of the message, Luis asked that if anyone received Christ and needed healing should come forward so that he may pray over them. Many were healed! Most notable was a man who was blind from birth and received his sight, and a deaf man who received his hearing. Do you know, that the same Holy Spirit that heals and cleanses the soul will also heal and cleanse the body. Praise God for His mercy on us!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
25,000 people will hear the Gospel in a Stadium campaign

Pastor Luis has been preaching in Nicaragua (Oct 6th to 9th) and he reports that 400 people gave their lives to Christ! He’s now back there again, in León, Nicaragua preaching for 3 days.

Next week, Luis will be preaching to thousands, as Jackie shares with us:

“The BIG stadium crusade in Choluteca will be next week, the 23rd, 24th and 25th of October. Remember the young people who received Jesus at the school campaigns last month will be doing the worship part of the campaign! The mayor of Choluteca (born again last Dec.) has coordinated with the prison wardens from 3 big prisons in southern Honduras...they are busing 1600 prisoners to the stadium campaign! These men have heard Pastor Luis on the weekly radio preaching and want to see him and hear him in person! They will come in chains, and seated in a secure section of the stadium. The mayor said there will be 20,000 to 25,000 people attending the 3 night event. The stadium rental is $7,000 for the 3 nights... the mayor and city are picking up $3000 of that...”

This is a great opportunity for thousands to receive Christ, but our ministry can just barely afford to rent the stadium. Contact us if you’d like to help.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007
More hurricane relief; People saved at the clinic

Pastor Luis just returned from his second trip into La Mosquitia this past week. Many villages are devastated. He was there for 4 days this time and visited 6 villages – different from the ones he visited earlier. He took more food and supplies with him and continued to preach the gospel.

On this trip there were 425 souls won to Christ. He met and prayed for 3 women in one of the villages. These women had large, visible tumors. He said these tumors were of the demonic type and that after he prayed, the women began vomiting and their tumors were flattened. God healed and delivered them!

Right after that, Pastor Luis began to feel an oncoming kidney attack, which he believed to be an attack from the enemy because of the encounter with the women and the demonic tumors. He left the rainforest on Friday (Sep 28).

Luis was in a clinic in Tegucigalpa for a few days for his kidney stone attack. While there, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to preach to all the patients and their families. It was the weekend, and the lobby was packed. Luis began to sing hymns, and then deliver the message of Jesus Christ. 45 people made decisions for Christ! The families then began to bring the patients to Luis so he could pray over them. Do you know, that the next day (Monday) the clinic was empty; all the patients had checked out and Luis was alone there. Isn’t our Lord awesome!

Sunday, September 23, 2007
375 decisions for Christ in “Three Candles”

This weekend, Pastor Luis was in the “Three Candles” area of Honduras, in the state of Olancho. He reports that 375 souls were won for Christ, AND he was able to train 9 pastors. Also, one of the villages in the La Mosquitia region is already asking him to come back and teach. They’re eager to hear the Word.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Hurricane relief for Miskito villages; food, clothes, and the Word of God

A report from Jackie Gust:

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!" 1 John 3:1

Our Brother Luis has been preaching and teaching in 3
Miskito villages this past week. 515 souls have been
won into the Kingdom of God!! Praise the Lord for His
love and mercy and grace!!

Pastor Luis found the hurricane damage in the villages
to be staggering! The people were without food,
clothes or any personal belongings. There were many
Miskito people from Nicaragua, internal refugees,
seeking shelter from their own destroyed villages.

Our merciful God provided enough funds for Pastor Luis
to purchase a ton of food, clothes, boots and Bibles
for these devastated peoples. Imagine the 26' boat
with barely room for the Pastor and Ishmael!

Of those won for Christ, 225 were Nicaraguan... Pastor
Luis gave 155 Miskito language Bibles to these folks.
How great is the Father's love for these people that
He has sent His Word deep into the Nicaraguan jungle
through these new beleivers!!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! ESM
is making a big difference in the lives of the Miskito

Three of the children ESM supports in Cadeno were very
ill when Pastor Luis arrived at their beach village
yesterday...he has taken all to the hospital for
treatment, they are on medication and back in the
village now.

Friday, September 7, 2007
950 police officers & 4405 students accept Christ amidst Hurricane Felix

The numbers of people accepting Christ within the last few weeks has been phenomenal! Even Pastor Luis says that he’s amazed, and overjoyed.
On Sep 3rd Luis had an invitation to speak in the morning at a conference of Police chiefs in Choluteca. He preached to two separate groups. The first group had 900 men, 450 of which accepted Christ. The second group also had about 900 men, 500 of which accepted Christ. The leaders were so impressed by the message that they invited him to speak at a conference of border police in San Lorenzo, and also at a national law enforcement conference in Tegucigalpa.
In the afternoon of Sep 3rd, Luis preached at the “November 18th”(the actual name) school and won 638 souls to Christ! Luis continued to preach in schools throughout the week:
- Sep 4th: 613 decisions in the AM; 527 decisions in the PM
- Sep 5th: In two separate schools, 523 & 662 decisions for Christ
- Sep 6th: In two separate schools, 538 & 652 decisions for Christ
- Sep 7th: 252 decisions for Christ
Not even an eminent hurricane could stop the Word from being preached. Hurricane Felix was due to make landfall at the beginning of the week and the government authorities were closing offices all over to prepare for the heavy winds. A school administrator called Luis to cancel his speaking engagement, but Luis urged her to not close the school. “Trust me, the hurricane will not hit your town” he told her. Although she feared losing her job, she kept the engagement. To her amazement, there was hardly a breeze when Luis came to speak. When she asked Luis how in the world he knew that the hurricane wouldn’t hit the town, he told her, “God wouldn’t give me an opportunity to preach to all these students, and then let a hurricane stop me!”

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Thousands are being saved in Choluteca schools!

For the last couple of weeks, Luis has been preaching in the public schools of Choluteca, which is a department (i.e. a state) of Honduras. So far, he has led 4,600 souls to Christ (4th-11th grade students and teachers). At one school, they bused the students to the soccer field so he could preach to all of them. He preached at 16 different schools so far. He is still preaching in other schools this week, and principals from schools all over Choleteca are calling him. The schools where Luis preached and won the souls have spread the word that when the students accept Christ they are changed, and the attitude of the students has greatly improved.
It takes $150.00 per day for Luis to evangelize in the schools because he has to travel to each school, and he has food expense for himself and Ishmael, and he pays for a "treat" for the students. It is the custom in Honduras for the visiting evangelist to bring a certain drink as a treat (similar to soda pop or lemonade). Your financial support is what makes these campaigns possible.
Here’s a breakdown of the decisions for Christ:
- Aug 16-17: 825 staff and students, 4th to 11th grade, in Monjaras
- Aug 20: 700 decisions
- Aug 21: 700 decisions
- Aug 22: 374 decisions
- Aug 23: 324 decisions
- Aug 24: 263 decisions
- Aug 27-28: 1477 decisions (17-18 year olds)

Friday, August 17, 2007
Luis preaches in the schools, also has kidney stone attack

We received word from Luis today about his activities last week.
First - He preached in Nicaragua Aug. 11-12 and won 358 souls.
On Sunday (Aug. 12) he had another kidney stone attack and was in the hospital four days (Sun, Mon, Tues. Wed.)
On Friday (Aug. 17) he preached in the schools to 1,000 students and teachers. 750 of them came forward and received Christ. He went to another school in the afternoon. He has been asked to preach twice a day in the schools for the next several days.
Pray that these students will truly accept Jesus and that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray that they will have strength to withstand the gang pressure and violence which is predominate in that area.
Luke 18:16 But Jesus called them to Him and said, "Let the little children come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God."

Monday, August 13, 2007
Back from La Mosquitia & Nicaragua

On Saturday, August 4, Pastor Luis returned from the rain forests of La Mosquitia (The Kaleb Project). He brought the Gospel to 4 villages and reports that 437 people chose to follow Christ! These were the final 4 villages that he wanted to evangelize in that region. The plan now is to re-visit many of the villages to teach and disciple.
Last week, Luis was preaching in Nicaragua, about 200km south of the Honduran border. 227 people responded and were saved there. He was back in Nicaragua this past weekend (Aug 11-12) and will undoubtedly have more good news about souls saved.

Monday, July 16, 2007
Nicaragua, and a new truck

We hear from Luis that approximately 15,000 people heard him preach this weekend in Nicaragua. On the first night, 1000 people responded to the Gospel message, and between 700 and 800 people answered on the second night. He says that the people who came were so hungry to hear God's word.
Enough money has come through to pay the cost of Luis' hospital bills. Thank you, for those of you who support this ministry. Also, great news about Luis' vandalized truck. A local shrimp farm owner near Choluteca has offered to give Luis his truck! (although, we will still need to replace the windshield and headlights of Luis' old truck) The man is apparently a Christian, and he would like Luis to speak twice a week to his employees till the end of August.

Saturday, July 14, 2007
Luis leads attackers to Christ

Two weeks ago, while driving back at night from preaching the Gospel, Pastor Luis was forced off the road by another vehicle. Three men then got out and began to beat up Luis and vandalize his truck. Another passing car was enough to scare off the attackers, but Luis still suffered a dislocated jaw, injuries to his kidneys, and several bruises. Subsequently, he spent several days in the hospital, which allowed him to share the Gospel with the nurses, doctors and other patients. Many came to Christ! When Luis was released, the police had him come down to the jailhouse to identify the attackers. Indeed, they were the ones. But instead of rebuke, Luis forgave them and shared the love of Christ with these men. Luis told them, "When you beat me up, you weren't persecuting me, but you were persecuting CHRIST, because I'm doing his work!" All three gave their hearts to Jesus, right there in jail!! Thank you, God, for allowing Luis to suffer for your Name, and redeeming those three men!! This weekend Luis is preaching in Nicaragua. Keep him in prayer.

Friday, June 22, 2007
Hundreds of decisions in La Mosquitia; Laryngitis for Luis

Pastor Luis came out of the La Mosquitia region Wednesday after preaching and teaching at 6 villages along the Rio Patuca. He informs us that 563 people made decisions for Christ. On his way out he developed a bad case of laryngitis such that he couldn't speak but a few words over the phone. Jackie had him in prayer as he checked into a clinic. The next day Luis had a healthy voice and felt fine. (We don't know of any medicine that works THAT fast. Thanks God) After preaching this morning, he counts 29 people who were saved, and this weekend he'll be traveling into Nicaragua to preach again.

Saturday, June 9, 2007
The return from Pakistan

Luis, Jackie and Mary returned back from Lahore, Pakistan on June 1st and they bring good news. Jackie and Mary took the stage Monday and Tuesday night to speak to several hundred women. Luis was able to teach every morning at the church's prayer meetings, and then had the privilege of preaching to 17,000 people Wednesday night! They report many healings and the casting out of demons. Apparently, Pastor Anwar (www.elmministries.org) also runs his own TV station, which enables him to send out the Gospel to approximately 4 million people. The messages that Luis, Jackie and Mary gave will be replayed many times over the air waves!

Back in Central America, we learn that Pastor Luis won over 100 souls in El Salvador and many more in Nicaragua during the week of May 24th. Then, in Honduras, he won 39 souls on June 3rd, and 71 on June 4th. Beginning today, he and Ishmael (his interpreter and brother-in-Christ) will be in the rain forests of La Mosquitia, which is still a dangerous place. Some of the drug traffickers are now placing land mines along the trails, so he tries to bring along Honduran soldiers with mine sweeping equipment when he can. Luis tells us how he once unwittingly stepped on the edge of a land mine BEFORE the soldiers found it!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007
1,637 saved in La Mosquitia; Ishmael healed from snake bite

Luis went into La Mosquitia on April 25th, along the Patuca river, to preach and disciple in several villages. He reports that 1,637 people made decisions for Christ. At one village, he encountered several witch doctors, two of which listened intently to the message of Jesus Christ. Apparently, this upset the other shamans and Luis felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to leave the village. During their egress, Luis and his faithful interpreter, Ishmael, had to wade across a swamp in waist-high water. The next day, Ishmael became increasingly ill. After conferring with Jackie over his cell phone, Luis took Ishmael to the same "snake" clinic in Tegucigalpa that Luis had visited last year, when Luis was bitten by a deadly snake. During this ordeal, many of you received an urgent prayer request for Ishmael, and you prayed earnestly. Ishmael was admitted to the clinic and quickly diagnosed with a snake bite. The snake was apparently native to the swamp waters of the rainforest, and usually leaves victims with seizures and neurological damage, if it doesn't kill them first. Ishmael was given the anti-venom. The doctors said that he would have been only hours away from death had he not made it to the clinic. The latest report from Luis is that Ishmael is doing quite fine, with no residual neurological damage. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers and healing Ishmael!
This past week, Luis re-visited an island in the Gulf of Fonseca (Pacific Ocean side) to teach and disciple. But, again, he had a terrible attack of kidney stones. He says that the pain was even worse than before. After visiting a clinic in Choluteca, the doctors insisted that he be moved to Tegucigalpa to receive treatment. He is now receiving laser treatment to remove the kidney stones. The treatment is very expensive (several thousand dollars) but has proved helpful in the past.
Please remember to pray! From May 25-June 1, 2007, Pastor Luis, Jackie, and Mary will be in Lahore, Pakistan to preach the gospel, by invitation of Pastor Anwar. While Luis will be preaching the gospel, Jackie and Mary will be ministering to the women. Mary is a believer from Oregon and knows Pastor Anwar personally.

Friday, April 27, 2007
17,000 souls won at the beach!

At the completion of the 4-day campaign at the beach (see the April 13 news below), 17,000 people committed their lives to Christ! Luis enlisted the help of some Choluteca police officers (they call themselves "Christ's Police") and other helpers to take count. He also reports many healings by the Holy Spirit during the campaign.

On April 23rd, Luis preached the Word in the mountains near Tegucigalpa, in the town of Santa Lucia where 29 souls were won. The next morning, he headed down to the heart of Tegucigalpa (the capitol city). He preached in the public square and led 70 people to Christ. That evening, back in Santa Lucia, 119 people accepted Christ after Luis preached. Right now, Pastor Luis is in La Mosquitia and will be re-visiting some villages to preach, teach and disciple.

The good folks at The Master's Plan Charitable Fund have decided to support this ministry by granting us $5,000! In their words, "[We] were greatly blessed and encouraged by your testimony of involvement in the world on behalf of those who have not heard and do not know about the saving grace of Christ."

Friday, April 13, 2007
Healings & Decisions in La Mosquitia; Soldiers and Police get onboard!

Last week, Luis hired a boatman and headed up the river Patuca in the La Mosquitia region of Honduras. He reports that activity on the river was unusually quite, given that this region is home to many drug runners. Luis preached in 6 different villages and literally thousands of people heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 1,972 souls accepted Jesus as their savior, and the Holy Spirit healed 4 people with fevers. Even some Honduran soldiers got to hear Luis preach, and they were so impressed that they accompanied him as he went "door-to-door" evangelizing.

This week, right after Easter Sunday, Luis kicked off a 4 day campaign at the beach near the city of Choluteca. He had a platform built and rented a PA system. He did a similar campaign last year, but this year was significantly different. Last year, local business owners had Luis arrested because he was luring people away from their stores. THIS year, Luis is quite well known to the Choluteca police force because the police commissioner has asked Luis to preach and teach the officers every morning from 6:00-6:45AM! So, not only have the police provided security for the campaign, but they've helped out at the table where new believers can leave their contact information for follow-up. On Monday night, it was reported that 1200 people committed their lives to Christ. On Tuesday night, 120 people came forward to receive Jesus. On Wednesday, Luis knew something big was going to happen when droves of buses came into town and dropped off literally thousands of people. That evening, at probably the biggest crowd he's ever preached to on the beach, approximately 10,000 people raised their hand to accept Christ as their Lord!! We haven't heard yet about the outcome of Thursdays events.

Praise God for all those people who have heard the Word, and believe! Of course, your donations are what cover the expenses for such things as interpreters, boatman, PA systems, food, lodging, airfare, vehicles, gasoline and various rental fees.

Sunday, April 1, 2007
800 Decisions in at Choluteca Stadium

We've heard that over 800 people were saved in the weekend campaign at Choluteca stadium, and hundreds more re-dedicated their lives to Christ!

Thursday, March 29, 2007
From Preaching on the Street, to Preaching in the Stadium

Luis reports that 315 souls were won for Christ while preaching in the marketplace in the city of Choluteca. And to boot, the Lord has made an amazing opportunity for Luis to preach to thousands in the city of Choluteca! Earlier in the week, the mayor talked to Luis in desperation about the rampant gang violence in the city. The mayor had heard Luis preach in the soccer stadium on New Year's eve, and he knew that the only real hope for the city was salvation through Jesus Christ. He now asked Luis to preach again on the weekend, March 30th to April 1st. Not only is the mayor providing the sound equipment and advertising, he is providing the full security of the police force! Luis obviously accepted the invitation, but he insisted on meeting with the police force first. So , according to the amazing plan of our Lord, Luis has been preaching and teaching the police officers of Choluteca for 2 days!! Who could have planned such a thing? No one but our mighty God, working through His Holy Spirit. We will update you with the outcome.

Sunday, March 25, 2007
317 Accept Christ in Nicaragua

After two days of preaching across the border in Nicaragua, Luis reports that 317 people made decisions for Christ! He's preaching again today in Choluteca, Honduras.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Truck Stolen, Held at Gunpoint, But Hundreds are Saved!

Two weeks ago, while evangelizing on the radio, Pastor Luis had his pick-up stolen from in front of the radio station. The thieves threatened to kill an old woman who witnessed the theft. To this date there is absolutely no word on the location of the truck and we think it shall not be found. Whenever possible his truck has been a platform for preaching the gospel, and a 4-wheel drive is essential to reach the most remote villages of Colón and Olancho. We are asking the Lord for approximately $14, 000 to buy another 4-wheel drive truck.

On March 6th, Luis was held at gun point along the Rio Patuca. After searching his belongings and persecuting him verbally, the four gunmen huddled together to decide his fate. We believe at the moment when the evil-one was poised to terminate our brother's life, our Savior responded to the prayers of the saints. (The Indian boatman was so shaken he could not restart the boat motor and wanted to run away, refusing to continue on). Luis and his 3 companions lives were spared and the team continued on to evangelize several villages, leading hundreds in the prayer of salvation! Praise God for His faithfulness and love, and for His protection.

Friday, February 16, 2007
El Sembrador is now a 501(c)(3)

It's official! El Sembrador Ministries (ESM) now has 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. This means that your donations to ESM are tax-deductible. Up to this point, Crossover Communications Int'l (CCI) has graciously administered our finances. Now, we ask our donors to send any donations to us directly. Go to the Support page for more information.

We've received a wonderful invitation from Pastor Anwar Fazal (Eternal Life Ministries) to preach the Gospel in Lahore, Pakistan. Pastor Luis will be speaking between May 27-30th, 2007, with an audience that could easily be in the thousands. Jackie Gust will be accompanying him.

Sunday, February 11, 2007
Kept out of La Mosquitia, Jackie and Luis distribute tracts

Jackie returned back from Honduras where she and Pastor Luis evangelized and passed out 2500 tracts in the city of Tegucigalpa. They originally planned to make a trip to La Mosquitia, but the Spirit made it clear to Luis that they should not go. Only a day later they read in the newspapers about a plane crash, filled with 50 kg of cocaine, near the town of Puerto Lempira. This is the town that Jackie and Luis would have flown into, but it would have been crawling with drug traffickers and government soldiers. And then days later they read about 3 Americans that died in a traffic accident along the rugged roads of the La Mosquitia region. Luis also recalls how, in January, he was able to lead the chief of a village to Christ. He returned to the village a few days later to find that the chief had been assassinated by drug traffickers.

Saturday, January 20, 2007
Bullhorn evangelism! Kidney stones for Luis

Luis has been in the rain forest this month, preaching to the Indians along the Patuca River. As he approaches villages with his boat, he uses a bullhorn to preach the Word - apparently very effective. Five hundred people made decisions for Christ. While in the forest, Luis suffered an attack of kidney stones and had to be transported to a clinic, and then to a hospital. Even while in severe pain, he couldn't keep from sharing Jesus with everyone he met. He lead the doctor and his assistant to Christ, along with all 15 patients who are staying in the same ward! After a week and a half, Luis should be leaving the hospital soon, but please keep him in prayer.

Monday, January 1, 2007
Luis preaches in Nicaragua, in Choluteca stadium, and on the radio

Pastor Luis has been busy preaching. From Dec 21-23 he was street preaching in Nicaragua and reports that 364 souls were won! Back home in Honduras, Luis has always had a heart for the people of Choluteca, the nations sixth largest city. He met with the mayor to ask about renting the local stadium for a campaign. Luis led him to Christ! The mayor was so impressed by Luis' passion for the Lord that he offered the stadium AND the city's sound equipment for the dirt cheap price of $450!! So Luis boldly preached the Word on Dec 30th and 31st. An estimated 4,000 people made decisions for Christ! Want to hear more?....read Jackie's report below:

"Our Pastor Luis spoke to me today; he reports a Roman Catholic woman who gave her heart to Jesus New Years Eve at the Choluteca Stadium campaign, is the anchor for a secular radio station in Choluteca. This woman spoke accolades over the radio waves about the evangelist who preached the Word of God to 14,000 people New Years Eve, leading thousands to discover the Savior, Jesus Christ! Today she invited Luis to speak on her radio program...he preached the message of Salvation for 30 minutes and answered call-in questions for 30 minutes...it is believed more than 75,000 people are in the listening audience!! What's more Luis has an invitation to speak again when he returns from La Mosquitia in mid-January...and more after that! This is not a Christian station!! And more!....this woman gave Luis a new pair of shoes...he is more than delighted and excited for the shoes, they are real leather."

Saturday, November 25, 2006
246 souls won around Honduras

Luis has been campaigning in southern Honduras and reports that this week 85 souls were won in San Marcos. Last week, near the city of Choluteca, 84 people accepted Christ. And the week prior, after a 3-day campaign in a village in southern Honduras, 77 people were saved.

Saturday, October 14, 2006
Report from Mozambique trip; Luis comes down with Malaria

Luis and Jackie have returned from their campaign to Mozambique and South Africa. They report that hundreds of people, especially young people, made decisions for Christ. This was mainly in Chokwe, Mozambique. Luis and Jackie felt undoubtedly that the Spirit of God focused on the young men and women.

Soon after the trip, Luis came down with Malaria, a form that is distinct to Africa. He's been taking some very good medication and is doing better.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006
Hundreds accept Christ on the beach; Luis replaces his beater truck

Pastor Luis rented a PA system and preached to more than 3,000 people on the Honduran beaches. Hundreds made decisions for Christ. Luis will be going into the rainforests of La Mosquitia on Aug 3rd. Luis finally bought a replacement truck for transportation. His old truck was TRULY worn out. (The floorboard was so rusted, that it fell out from under him one day!) Luis now owes $8,000, and he mortgaged his house to get it.

Thursday, July 6, 2006
845 decisions for Christ in La Mosquitia; Poisonous snake bites Luis

Pastor Luis just got back from a trip to the northern part of La Mosquitia. He preached to 8 villages. Over 3,000 people heard the message (including some Honduran soldiers), leading 845 souls to Christ. While on his way out, Luis was bitten by a very poisonous snake. By the time he made it to the clinic, he had trouble breathing and couldn't speak. God led Luis to the only clinic in the area that had anti-venom. He's better now, but came dangerously close to death. Thank you, Lord, for saving Luis!

Sunday, May 14, 2006
A $45,000 grant from the Foursquare Foundation

We received the news from the Foursquare Foundation that we were awarded a $45,000 grant!! This money will help the Kaleb Project pay for equipment and travel expenses involved with evangelizing, discipling and church building among the Miskito people.

Saturday, May 6, 2006
15,000 hear the Word at the beach; Luis arrested

Pastor Luis preached the gospel to 15,000 people on the beach during Easter weekend. (In western Honduras) Most people were there on vacation, but they were drawn to the stage to hear the call of Christ. So much people responded that local business owners had Luis arrested because he was drawing away their potential customers. In the end, Luis had to forfeit his truck to get out of jail.
Gas price update: $14/gallon!! Remember that the Kaleb Project owns a 26-ft boat and a 16-ft boat, each with a motor. Count your blessings the next time you pay over $3/gallon at the pump.

Saturday, April 15, 2006
We are now “El Sembrador Ministries”

The U.S. team of the Kaleb Project have formally incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Oregon as "El Sembrador Ministries"(ESM). The Kaleb Project will be a part of this larger ministry. We will post a link to the ESM website when it becomes available.

Thursday, March 9, 2006
A church has been built; a boat has been bought

We've again submitted our application for a grant from the Foursquare Foundation. The news is that we've passed the first round of screening. Jackie and the others have returned from La Mosquitia, Honduras, and she reports that the church has been built!! It took only 4 days, and it looks beautiful. Thank you Lord for making it happen! A boat has already been purchased and delivered, and the motor will be bought shortly.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006
No grant from the Foursquare Foundation

The Foursquare Foundation made its decision: we were not one of the selected groups that will be awarded grant money. There were many other worthy missions that applied for the grant. We will be applying for the next round of applications, which are due in February.

Sunday, November 20, 2005
Plans for building a church in La Mosquitia

Five men from the Christian Men's Club in Tillamook have volunteered to fly down to Honduras and build a church for the Miskito people!! Generous contributions from the Men's Club and others have funded the air fares and materials needed. Fernando, a Miskito man, will helping with the building of the church. He has proven to be an invaluable resource in the past as a guide, boatman and interpreter. This trip will happen soon, and I will post the dates when I find out. In February, Jackie and Pastor Luis plan to meet with Sarafin Contreras, who is the regional coordinator of Central American Four Square missions. He'll introduce them to the regional coordinator of Honduras Four Square missions.

Saturday, November 5, 2005
Kaleb Project informational meeting

For those who want to learn more about the Kaleb Project, we will sponsor an information and planning meeting on November 30 (Wednesday) in the evening. Learn how you can help bring the Gospel to the people in eastern Honduras. Also, a holiday bazaar fundraiser is planned for Saturday, Dec 3rd at Beaverton Foursquare Church! All kinds of handmade goodies will be offered. More details soon.

Friday, November 4, 2005
$1000 from fundraiser

The Joyful Bazaar fundraiser on Nov 3rd was a great success. Over $1000 was raised to help spread the Gospel to the Miskito Indians. Thank you, Karin Jerand, for organizing the bazaar.

Saturday, October 22, 2005
We’re applying for a grant

We are applying for a grant through the Foursquare Foundation. The grant, if awarded, will help cover some of the necessary funding for this project. It's possible that the grant may extend for 3 years. The application deadline is November 15th, and we should know the results by December 15th.